Monday, 22 June 2009

Why Dubai??

wow been a long time since I last posted.

and while checking other people's blogs, i though of posting something.

but what???


Cars! (i soooo saw that coming)

no I'm actually going to talk in general about why people go to Dubai for shopping.

there are many reasons, but for me, they can be included in these points:
- Prices of goods (unfortunately that's not always the case these days)
- availability of goods (big time)
- variety of options.
- DESCENT malls and shops.

sometimes I wounder why we dont have some of the goods that are sold in Dubai, even though the demand for them is high here.

Both City Centers here (Muscat & Qurm) get soooo crowded during the weekend, couple of extra malls will surely make profit if they open.

I Cant wait for the new malls to open, specially Muscat Grand Mall (because it's goin to be big and close to home)


ok since i'm talking about Dubai, i'm going to represent a counter argument by giving an example of a trip to dubai, a FAILURE trip if i may say.

I went with my brothers to Dubai for 2 reasons:
- get myself new tires
- Get my bro's Audi TT from the garage it's getting fixed at.

I checked around 7 tires shops, they were either closed or didnt have the tires i wanted -__-
In the end, i found the tires at the dealer, but for a price that needs at least 2 months' salaries =)

my bro went to get his car and went into a huge storm of switching from place to place, everyone blaming the other and nobody knows what's its problem.
I call it: "The curious case of Ayz's TT" -__-

and throughout this Dubai trip, my shirt was stolen at Wild Wadi (who the hell steals a sweaty shirt??) and I lost my new Ray Ban shades that i got from my father =(

BAD trip indeed.

End of blog entry ...