Wednesday, 29 April 2009

THE new office


we've been hearing about this office for god knows how long.

Here are the Advantages and disadvantages of the new office:

- I GOT MY OWN OFFICE! with a nice desk, cupboard, and my OWN A/C.
- Better Location.
- Better view.
- It has the office feel (not working in a villa anymore)
- Moooooore cars parking.
- 1 floor less than the old office =P

- Less Rooms and less toilets (aham shay el toilets).
- The parking is not shaded.
- Smaller kitchen (no more birthday parties).
- It has the office feel (yes this is an advantage and a disadvantage).
- Still no wireless internet connection.
- No "afternoon-nap" room.

I will start bringing my camera to take pictures of cars crossing the red light xD

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Is it the Evil eye??

Yes i do believe in 7asad (the Envy/Evil eye) but i'm not the kind that would relate anything bad happening to me to the envy eye. (Some people do)

here is what happened to me in the past 2 weeks: I got pretty good comments on my baby Roxy couple of times in those 2 weeks.

but what happened right after these comments? here it goes:
1. I hit another car's rim slightly, which resulted in a small dent in my front bumper =(

2. For some reason, my car started hitting every road bump i go over (and I'm sure it's not the lowering springs since my car was going through those bumps smoothly a month ago. Something is wrong under the car)

3. I hit a small side walk and my rear left rim got a scratch.

4. friday morning, the construction workers on our house roof spilled some LIQUID CEMENT on my Roxy!!!!!! WTH??!!!! :@ :@

I cant believe all of that happened in such a short period, I'm sooo pissed off right now, will take Roxy to get poilished tomorrow, then dropping her at the service center to check what's wrong under.

Is it the Envy eye? maybe yes, maybe no, but i hate all of this ...

End of Blog Entry.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Product Review: Sony Ericsson G900

I got this phone when i started working, for business purposes.

I needed something a little bit more sophisticated than normal phones and a little bit less complicated than an I-mate or a Nokia communicator.

I got it when it was first launched for 215 Rials ($560) and it was a really good price as other places asked for at least 10-15 rials more. (and i got a free 1 GB Card for free)

I got the phone, and really really liked it, it was better than what I expected.

easy to use, very elegant, all applications are a touch away.

here are the pros/cons:

- MANY shortcuts.

- Comes with a nice hands-free set. (i love the fact that if you press "answer" in the phone, you use the phone speaker, and if you press answer in the headset, you use the headset)

- easy to use.

- Track ID is so awesome!

- sleek design and light-weight.

- Loving the idea that you can choose between using the buttons and the touchscreen for almost everything.

- Not for people who dont like touchscreen phones xD

- the MMS takes a long time and sometimes get stuck.

- Arabic handwriting-recognition is AWEFUL, and something is wrong with the arabic language, i cant type arabic words unless i use the hand recognition.

- BAD resale value. (SE + touchscreen = bad). -__-

the phone had a strange problem, where it would suddenly stop recieving messages and phone calls (and the problem is, sometimes you get the message, but it doesnt give you ANY sign or notification that you got a new message)

and because it's the phone i use for work, i couldnt tolerate this problem and had to sell it eventually =(

End of blog entry...