Sunday, 19 April 2009

Is it the Evil eye??

Yes i do believe in 7asad (the Envy/Evil eye) but i'm not the kind that would relate anything bad happening to me to the envy eye. (Some people do)

here is what happened to me in the past 2 weeks: I got pretty good comments on my baby Roxy couple of times in those 2 weeks.

but what happened right after these comments? here it goes:
1. I hit another car's rim slightly, which resulted in a small dent in my front bumper =(

2. For some reason, my car started hitting every road bump i go over (and I'm sure it's not the lowering springs since my car was going through those bumps smoothly a month ago. Something is wrong under the car)

3. I hit a small side walk and my rear left rim got a scratch.

4. friday morning, the construction workers on our house roof spilled some LIQUID CEMENT on my Roxy!!!!!! WTH??!!!! :@ :@

I cant believe all of that happened in such a short period, I'm sooo pissed off right now, will take Roxy to get poilished tomorrow, then dropping her at the service center to check what's wrong under.

Is it the Envy eye? maybe yes, maybe no, but i hate all of this ...

End of Blog Entry.


G-chan said...

Aaargh!! Liquid Sement!!! *cries*

That's just rough! It's either really bad luck or someone 7asdak 3ala Roxy! =S Far out!

Hadi Hadi =( Inshallah when you get her checked it won't be anything serious!

You don't deserve this *miskeen*

nosa said...


sorry bs i just started laughing! coz its so weird for all this to happen in such little time!! hehehe
it might be 7asad.. it happened to my brother n his phone! it seems to fall by itself everyday until it really got ( 5arab) n he sold it!

u should read elmu3awethat daily when u wakeup n when u sleep.. it will protect u fom 7asad..

Amarant said...

took the car to be polished and going to apply paint protection on it =)

now whenever someone talks about my car, i scream: SAY MASHALLAH!!!

Anonymous said...

Amarant tarah ela BMW 320 :P.Allah y3enek :P

Amarant said...

Wolf Doll inshallah law BMW 116i, el 3manyeen ydooro sabab :P

s a t i r said...

loool.. i would be pissed off too!!
that's why it might be a good idea not to buy something u really REALLY love, esp. of it's expensive,
or u can do this thing -which for some reason annoys me- stick one of these "mashallah" or "sub7an allah" stickers on ur car, to force ppl to read