Monday, 23 February 2009

My photos (part 1)

new series in my Blog =D

will post pictures i took every now and then, they can be pictures of anything xD

here is part 1, some pics I took at the car show happened few months ago:

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Roxy Goes alllll Black & White

I know I know,

I know I said I'm going to have a small break from Modifying my Baby Roxy.

But I didn’t plan for this step, the circumstances (refer to this blog entry) gave me and my bro an idea of what we can do for Roxy next.

I'm going to follow a Black/White theme with Roxy.

So right now, Roxy has these colors on her: White, Black, Silver, Chrome and Red.

I decided to take the Silver and Chrome out (since I still want my taillights to look clean)

Here is what I wanted the Garage paint specialist to do for me:
- Fix & paint the front bumper (since it was damaged).
- Paint the Rims in Gloss black color.
- Paint the rear Spoiler in Gloss black.
- Paint the front kidney grill in Matt black.

It took the Garage around a week to finish up the job, and I LOVED it =D

Here are pics of Roxy AFTER the paint job:

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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Product Review: Nokia N95

so i have this idea of starting a series of reviews of products that i have tested, or even better, owned...

i wont waste time talking about all the features this phone has, just the general, simple ones which i used:

- 5 mpix camera.

- stereo speakers.

- 1 GB card included (i switched to 2).

- Wi-Fi.

- DVD Quality video recording.

now here's what i think of the phone:

B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T !!!!

- it's so practical, long lasting, easy to use, and pro phone.

- i had to format it once, because it had software problems.

- it fell from me around 4 times.

- it ate dust when i had it in my pocket while riding an ATV bike.

- i used the camera so many times in so many places, and it is a nice camera.

I have owned many phones, but this was the 1st to complete a full year with me (actually 18 months so far).
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BMW Nizwa Drive

ANOTHER car event!!!!

this event was to celebrate a whole year since oman bimmer club was launched.

we met next to Burj Al Sahwa.

left to Nizwa in 5 teams:
team 1: BMWs lead by Omran Al Muqbali
team 2: classic bikes
team 3: BMWs lead by Amarant Coral
team 4: Super bikes
Team 5: BMWs lead by (dont remember xD)

I really liked my team, consists of cars that i really like:
- My baby Roxy (alpine White)
- E82 135i (Crimson Red)
- E92 335i (Electric red)
- E46 M3 (pheonix yellow)
- 2 nicely modefied E39 540i (Dark Blue)
- 1 nicely modefied E36 325i (Dark Blue)


in this event, the number of cameras used exceeded the number of members xD

everyone was taking pictures, and the photography effort by our Captain and Mr.Salim Al Wardi were much more then any other event (including rolling shots, shots from the bridge, videos, etc)

we arrived at Nizwa, after stopping in Izki.

Nizwa members were so kind to invite us to have lunch in the Sabla in Wadi al Ain, Mandiiiiiiiiiii :P

after lunch, Uncle Saif had the honor to cut the cake,and we all ate .

we arranged ourselves, and head to Nizwa Suq, to take group pics there.

we left Nizwa at around 5 pm.

the drive was nice, and we couldnt stop chatting about everything! xD

Here are some pics from the Event (taken by Salim Al Wardi)

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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Graduation and the rehersals

Our Graduation took place last November.

So 6 months after we graduated from SQU, it's time for the graduation ceremony!!!!

now im sure anyone who has been to SQU, realize that it's more of a military place, the an academic place xD

there were all these rules on how to look in the ceremony, the timing, the rehersals (you wont be allowed to enter the ceremony if you havent done the rehersals)

the rehersal was nice, very informal, and we got a nice dinner meal after it was done (lucky us CCE guys, we were the 1st collage so we were the 1st to attack the food) =p


now time for the big deal, the ACTUAL GRADUATION.

i got there at around 3.30, took my pics.

was at the stage at around 4 (they told us we MUST be there at 4, or we would not enter)

**what disappointed me the most, is that i didnt give any of my relatives/friends tickets to come, since i didnt want them to stay for 4.5 hrs there, and later i found out that some visitors entered the place at around 6.15!!) that really pissed me off...**

other than that, it was an amazing day, meeting my friends, joking around, getting the certificate =D

time for me to stop being a consumption machine, and start producing ;)

wish everyone all the best with thier studies...

end of blog entry...

Monday, 9 February 2009

A Race to remember

Date: 2 weeks ago
Time: around 9 pm
Place: Share3 al shabab
Event: Stage II GTI VS. Stock EVO X


for the people following my blog, you all know that my bro went to Dubai to get the REVO software for his car: (mentioned here)

around 2 weeks ago, a guy with a new EVO X wanted to measure the difference in acceleration between his car and a stage II GTI, and he arranged the race with my bro.

Here are the specs of the 2 cars:

- EVO X: 2.0L Turbo, I4, 295 hp, All-Wheels drive.
- GTI stage II: 2.0L, Turbo, I4, ~285 hp, Front-wheels drive.

Race starting from 60 km/h

Honk, Honk, Honk

and GO !!!!!!!

the 2 cars were neck to neck at the beginning, but the GTI pulls away slowly,,,,,, by the end of the race, the GTI had the EVO by a small distance!

GTI FTW !!!!!! The Turbo Bunny Had some Rice and Sushi for dinner!

i never thought the GTI would win, but i'm glad i was proven wrong =D

this race will be remembered, when few modifications on a normal sport car has beaten a built-up race car, that costs double the price ;)

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