Monday, 9 February 2009

A Race to remember

Date: 2 weeks ago
Time: around 9 pm
Place: Share3 al shabab
Event: Stage II GTI VS. Stock EVO X


for the people following my blog, you all know that my bro went to Dubai to get the REVO software for his car: (mentioned here)

around 2 weeks ago, a guy with a new EVO X wanted to measure the difference in acceleration between his car and a stage II GTI, and he arranged the race with my bro.

Here are the specs of the 2 cars:

- EVO X: 2.0L Turbo, I4, 295 hp, All-Wheels drive.
- GTI stage II: 2.0L, Turbo, I4, ~285 hp, Front-wheels drive.

Race starting from 60 km/h

Honk, Honk, Honk

and GO !!!!!!!

the 2 cars were neck to neck at the beginning, but the GTI pulls away slowly,,,,,, by the end of the race, the GTI had the EVO by a small distance!

GTI FTW !!!!!! The Turbo Bunny Had some Rice and Sushi for dinner!

i never thought the GTI would win, but i'm glad i was proven wrong =D

this race will be remembered, when few modifications on a normal sport car has beaten a built-up race car, that costs double the price ;)

End of blog entry...


Arabian Prince said...

Woah, impressive I must say. But I never believed in racing two cars out of eachothers leagues where one would be stock and the other would be modified, because we both know there's no limit on how much a car can be modded ;)
But still.. impressive nonetheless =)

How much does the Evo X GSR cost (OMR)? And how much is the Evo X MR for?

Anonymous said...

Allaaaah mabroook to Mike =D.

Amarant said...

AP: yes i agree with you,,, but the point to be proven here, is that you can buy the GTI for half the price, and add only a thousand rials, to get the EVO power, and you still have your nice family car with all the lexury the GTI has ;)

i have no idea about the prices here in Oman, except that the Normal EVO with double clutch costs 20K Rials (the one Mike raced)

Wolf Doll: allaaaaaah ybarak feesh :D