Sunday, 2 November 2008

The beast Unleashed!!!! (cars freaks stuff)

Me and My bro went to Dubai last week for 2 reasons:
- Gitex (total dissapointment, wont talk about it)

- Upgrade my Bro's car into Stage 2, by T.A.M auto engineering (REVO dealers)

the T.bunny used to give around 12 psi in boost before the tune, now it gives around 22 psi!!!!


when he floores it, my head hits the headrest from the pull!!!

i like how he planned his project very well, he installed the downpipe and CAI first, then went straight to stage 2 (cool!)

car is getting better and better everyday...

Watch out for a candy white GTI on the streets!


G-chan said...


The white candy GTI is your bros! Cool cool.

I know a bit about cars...but to tell you the truth I didn't understand a thing you talked about. But I'm assuming that the car is stronger and faster now right?

*Googles psi*

On a side note...I think this is awesome. You've got yourself a competition haven't you. When are you upgrading Roxy??

Amarant said...

Yup G-chan it's like a totally different car now!!!!

sooooooooo much faster!

lol PSI is the amount of boost coming from the turbo (it's a unit used to measure pressure, physics) xD

Mike is handling the performance upgrades, im handling the looks upgrades :P

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your brother =).

Lil Me said...

You forgot the "end of blog entry"

That was going to be the only thing that I would've understood ;P

sameerb1 said...

GTI on a 22psi boost!!!
they do dyno in dubai rite? did you try that, should be pulling over 350hp rite?
a true pocket rocket golf!

Amarant said...

looooooool yah it's a technical post xD

wolf doll: thanks =)

Sameerb1: nah not 350, bs i can say very close to 300hp

we didnt dyno the car cuz it needed time to adjust, moving from 15 psi to 18 to 22 ;)