Monday, 3 November 2008

the Devil holds a remote

Story happened few days ago.

My Young sis praciticed her favorite hobby: Spilling stuff.

she spilled some juice on the table, remote controller, and on the floor.

we tried to minimize the damage as much as we could, and we dried everyhing out.

few moments later, the remote started working on its own!!!!

and guess what?? the remote was pressing the number "6" frequently!

it kept changing channels between: 6, 66 and 666 :-

No other button would work, and we cant stop the 6 from being "pressed by Satan"

ok so this is silly, it's just some spilled juice that messed up the electrical circuit.

but if i were in a superstecious Family, we would've probably burnt the remote =)


G-chan said...

Waaaaaaaaaa F.R.E.A.K.Y!! =P


Lil Me said...


Burnt the remote oo bss?
More of burnt the tv with it too! =P

Anonymous said...

looooooool xD.
It's kind of cool, 3a6eny the remote I want it =p.

FAITH said...

LoooL...Super freaky but I bet it was fun watching the remote acting on his own pace xD

Amarant said...

G-chan: agree!

lil me: ur an extreamest =p

Wolf doll: too bad it got fixed now =p

Faith: yah it was kinda funny, everyone1 was pissed becauz of the remote and i was: "omg satan is holding it!" xD

Muggle said...

LOL.. I can imagine how annoying that probably was :P