Monday, 29 September 2008

08 (Ramadan) VW/Audi club meet in DXB

for the 2nd year in a raw, we go to this meet in Dubai.

4 cars drove all the way from Muscat to Dubai:

- Abdallah's Turbo bunny GTI (Candy white)
- Hammam's Gol"D" GTI (Shadow blue)
- Mulham's R32 (Riflex Silver)
- Said's Carbon R32 (Laser blue)

was a nice trip, did some "Cars shopping", and met the guys from Dubai

and had a unique opportunity to check this car: 1st GT-R in the UAE, with Stigg (guy from top gear) helmet =P

(pic is coming soon)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Financial Iftar

so finally i got to invite my Uni friends to have Iftar at our place.

- Number: 15 persons.
- timing: from 5.55 pm till 6.20 pm (yah some came after Athan).
- Location: Our basement.

- Iftar: dates, Laban, malt soup, luqaimat with kairi cheese, ma9anef.
- Dinner: Qabooli Chicken, Macaroni with bashamelle.

- Coffee and tea
- Juices
- Salad

the gathering ended at around 7.15 pm when the guys left to pray...

a memorable day, forst gathering with the guys since last month...

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Kahlijis and thier "oil money"

A post in Muggle's blog inspired me to post this, funny comments and silly ones, about the Western perception of us khalijis and our "money"

check this out:

My bro in UK, Leeds: (he always makes fun of these perceptions)
- a British guy asked my bro: is it true that behind each khaliji house there's an oil well ???
my bro answered: not true, we have an oil well behind our house, but Sulaiman (his friend) has 2 wells, since they live in a mountain ...

- he tells them that he didnt buy a ferrari, but a GMC, cuz it consumes much petrol (some believed him)

Car Forums:
- a race between an Audi R8 and a corvette Z06: a member commented: "that's what arabs do when we pay our money for thier oil"

- a Qatari guy was complaining that BMW prices are very high these days, an american guy responded: "what's wrong?? oil isnt paying you??"

- I posted a pic of my car in my uncle house, a guy commented: "ok so we've seen the BMW, where do you hide your ferraris and Lambos?? cuz it's hard to believe that a guy living in this house owns a normal 320i"

- I posted a pic of my car, with a minor accident, a guy commented: "no need to fix it, just buy another one and send me this one as a gift"

Random western comment:
- "is it true that Islam approved multi-marriages cuz it want its people to spend thier money on wives, which is better than playing around with it??"

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Weekly Update

Ok it's been a while since i posted here, let me see if there was anything interesting that happened in the past week.

- Cars: My bro installed AWE downpipe in his Turbo Bunny, sounds much meaner now, and the (naq3a) is louder, Thumbs up mike.

- Food: Ramadan with its many many meals, i had a nice chocolate cake for su7oor today.

- Work: was an "ok" week, finally did my presentation on wednesday, but the GM talked more than i did -_-

- Family: yesterday was a family gathering at home, was nice till an electric fuse "naqa3" and part of the house electricity went off.

- Life: my Gym subscribtion ended on 9/11, i tried to convince them i wasnt part of the attack on the WTC but they didnt believe me.

that's all Folks !