Monday, 29 September 2008

08 (Ramadan) VW/Audi club meet in DXB

for the 2nd year in a raw, we go to this meet in Dubai.

4 cars drove all the way from Muscat to Dubai:

- Abdallah's Turbo bunny GTI (Candy white)
- Hammam's Gol"D" GTI (Shadow blue)
- Mulham's R32 (Riflex Silver)
- Said's Carbon R32 (Laser blue)

was a nice trip, did some "Cars shopping", and met the guys from Dubai

and had a unique opportunity to check this car: 1st GT-R in the UAE, with Stigg (guy from top gear) helmet =P

(pic is coming soon)


G-chan said...

Where are the pics ha?!?!


Amarant said...

lol coming coming xD

G-chan said...

I'm loving how they're all Hatchbacks!!!!

They all RULE!!! Favorite is the Turbo bunny GTI.
Must have been an awesome trip.


WAIT!! Why isn't Roxy there? =O

Amarant said...

lol it was a VW meet so most cars were golfs xD

Roxy isnt a VW -__-

G-chan said...


*rolls eyes*