Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Turkey Randoms part I : Antalya

Probably the 2nd best place we went to after Istanbul. Magical

I will leave you with the photos:

Our room (suits us)

Randoms from the resort:

A nice restaurant on the top of a mountain:

(Don't get excited it's just orange juice)


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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

ta'3yoora (التغيورة)

(Click for larger view)

Every Omani picks his/her ta'3yoora please.


Thailand randoms

Couple of photos I took back in 2008 in my medical trip to Thailand

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Marriage Stories Chapter 4: Typical

Back to marriage stories!

This time it's my friend: K Al -H (we'll call him KH)


Step one: enter SQU.
Step 2: Graduate from SQU.
Step 3: Work in a respectful company.
Step 4: 1 year later, you have enough money to get married, and your family picks your cousin as a candidate. you agree.

This is probably the shortest, most typical marriage story I will post, but to spice it up I will mention couple of related incidents.


KH was (and still is) one of my closest SQU friends. He is the guy who kept all of us 2008 CCE graduates together and in contact. He arranged Bowling night every Sunday/Tuesday. and he is the guy who keeps sending messages to everyone reminding them when we have a special occasion (malka, 3aza, dinner, etc)


One typical Sunday, I got a message from KH: "Hi 2008 graduates. we expect you today in the apartment for a small snack. Hope you guys can make it"

Now I've been getting almost the same message every Sunday for months. The only difference in this one is the "small snack". I Didn't pay attention and replied: "Sure. will be there after Maghrib".

We all met at the apartment and were surprised that KH have arranged "Fuwalah*" for us. very unusual as we would usually head straight to the bowling ally. Everyone was sking: esh el munasaba*?

and he answered: "I got engaged!"

It is funny how the guys are prepared to be silly and throw jokes like saying: "allah ya36eek 5airha oo yekfeek sharha*" or "mink el flooooooos oo minha el 9'3ayreen*" or "la wallah? i never thought you would ever find someone who would like you" etc etc etc...

then we started giving hugs and hard-slapping him on the back like it was some sort of competition lol.

Incident one: asking THE question:

"I will be honest with you KH. I know that the dowry in your hometown is sky-high. How is it in your case??" I asked to initiate a conversation.

KH: "well, first of all, I'm getting married to my cousin. That itself will make her family understand my situation and not ask for a big amount. Secondly, people started realizing that there is nothing good coming from the idea of a high dowry. Most of them even suffered from it so they don't want the next generation to suffer as well."

Me: "Interesting. So you saved enough or you are taking a loan?"

KH: "Dude we studied finance. I'm not doing the old Omani way and have loans for the rest of my life. that's why I'm living in an apartment with 4 other guys! and bought a used 2004 car!""

Me: "lol good to hear that"


2nd incident:

3 weeks later, on another typical Sunday, we had the Fuwalah again.

"Esh el munasabah? already engaged to the 2nd? :P" <<< lol he got this comment from like half of the guys there.

KH: "What?? I can't invite you guys just to meet up and talk?"


*Moment of silent*

"Ummmm no you don't do that" we all answered.

Seeing that he's not gonna answer us, his close roommate answered for him: "ok ok everyone KH decided to be shy now. I will tell you what's the occasion!"

there were few seconds before KH drops the knife in the kitchen, runs towards his friend to jump on him to stop him for saying what he was going to say,,,

but it was too late....


"aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" we all said at the same time. then started giving him winks just to make it worse =P

"Hold on hold on!" <<< that was me.
"Are you telling me that you got her phone number 3 weeks after getting engaged?!!"

KH: "yes :$"

Me: " hahaha wallah ma3raf* how you were able to hold yourself that long. And how come you only tell your roommate this huh?? -__-"

Roommate: "He didn't tell me. I just found out when I saw the phone stuck to his ear all night =P"


KH has been married for almost 6 months now.

End of blog entry...

Fuwalah: a combination of fruits, sweets and coffee offered by Omanis to their guests.
Esh el munasaba: What's the occasion?
allah ya36eek 5airha oo yekfeek sharha: prayers that are said if someone gets anything new.
mink el floos oo minha al 9'3ayreen: prayers said to a person getting married.
wallah ma3raf: seriously don't know

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Omanternity SpringFest 2010

: The dynamic team behind is holding a charity event benefiting the National Association for Cancer Awareness :.


ENTRY : 4 Rials per ticket

- Opening ceremony: Under the auspices of His Highness Alsayyid Faisal Bin Turki Al-Said.

- Musical concert: Rock-music themed concert performed by 5 local bands.

- Charity Bazar: The charity bazar will make possible for businesses & home businesses to promote themselves and make their products available for sale on the day.

- Video Game Tournament: Knock-out tournament of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, the winner of which will receive a gift.

- Raffle Draw: Done after the concert. Electronic, dinner vouchers, air tickets, and more are provided as prizes.


.: THE EVENT :. will focus on promoting young Omani talents in different sectors and give them local exposure as well as promoting the local home businesses and introducing them to the community by showing off their products during the event. Proceeds raised in the event will go to the National Association for Cancer Awareness.



We are a collective of young Omani individuals centered around a local interest and community website which we run called Our website aims to cover and promote local happenings and matters of local interest in Oman. We also run discussion boards where you can share your thoughts on any given matter, a wiki-type database of information, and a classifieds website.



The charity bazar as described earlier is aimed towards making it possible for businesses and home businesses to have a stall to display, expose, promote and make available their work & products for purchase on the day. It will also make possible for businesses to expose and promote their brands, speak about them, share thoughts and ideas with attendees (potential customers), and conduct market research about which of your products are popular to whom, and attract attention.

There will be press coverage from major publications; this will be a good time to encourage them to feature your brands. Our website will also be conducting interviews for a feature on home businesses on the day, if you are interested in speaking with them to be displayed on our website, this can be arranged. Not to forget, that your participation will help a worthwhile cause!

Check out the Event's dedicated website here.