Thursday, 11 February 2010

Restaurant review: Darcy's Kitchen

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Darcy’s kitchen is a unique type of restaurants. There are no other similar places in Oman. It has its own style and way. It is also a nice place to have breakfast. The atmosphere is cozy and the interior design makes you feel like you are in a house rather than a restaurant (specially the one in MQ). The waiters are friendly and they always serve with a smile. This is the favorite dining place for many foreigners, and sometimes you would be surprised to see it filled with them on a weekday afternoon.

Food served at Darcy’s varies from simple salads to burgers and specially-cooked steaks. They have a wide range of side dishes, soups and starters. Last time I ordered a chicken breast with some white sauce on it (forgot the name of the meal). My friend ordered his favorite “Beef Hanooni sandwich”. I honestly liked the beef hanooni more (and no, it’s not because the other side is always greener). Both meals cost around 7 rials, which isn’t bad for a place like darcy’s.

Jawharat Al Shatti, MQ (next to Al Fair).

Continental Food

Price Range:
3 – 4 Rials

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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Marriage stories – Chapter 2: the young shock!

A. S. Al-W (let’s call him AW):

AW was one of my friends in school (G11 and G12 to be more precise). He was the funny kind that has a strong personality. He was also a troublemaker. Ok this doesn’t give him justice. He was ONE HELL OF A TROUBLEMAKER. Other than: alcohol, drugs and women, AW has been in every bad situation you can imagine. The only teachers that were able to stand him were his personal tutors. he was more like the Omani version of Bart Simpson. I don’t even want to mention the troubles he made me go through =P

Let’s say his grades were a little bit below-average. He graduated with a grade that won’t grant him a scholarship even in a small local collage. Not that he was interested anyway. He started working right after he graduated.

Around 3-4 months after we graduated from grade 12, I got an SMS from AW: “Yusharrifuni da3watukum le7u’9oor 3aqd qirani etc etc” (it’s an honor for me to invite you to my wedding etc etc).

Wth ?? Is he kidding?? AW was the last person I expect to get married! So I sent him a reply asking: “You’re joking right?” and he replied: “laaaa wallah ma galis amza7!” (noo I swear I’m not joking!)

So I figured it must be one of his relatives and they are the kind that are hooked to their cousins since they were born.

I went to the malka with my school mates. When the Sheikh mentioned the girl’s name, it was a different last name than his. “Okay, maybe she’s a cousin with a different last name” I thought to myself.

I couldn’t stop myself from going to his best friend (who is also his neighbor) and asking him if she was related to him. I got a reply I never expected: “No, she’s not related to him. It’s not even an arranged marriage. He met her at work”

I cannot describe to you readers how surprised I was that moment. AW was the kind you would expect to get married when he reaches 30 or 28 if he was in a rush. It seems that the forces of love were strong enough to speed the process and he got married when he was 18. I know I know, it sounds cheesy but seriously that is what I was thinking about that night.

I met AW few months ago in a high school reunion. He has a really beautiful 2-years old daughter mashallah. Too adorable to be the daughter of this trouble maker =P

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