Thursday, 13 November 2008

Last mod, need a break.

for the past couple of months, i've been pampring my baby bimmer: Roxy.

i spent quite a good amount on her and she went into some serious changes.

I think it's time for a break, no more modifications, i want to enjoy the car with this looks for a while, till the "Mod bug" stings again ;)

last mod i've done, were my H&R TRAK+ wheels spacers, those are designed to push the rear wheels a little bit outside the body, to give the car a Wide/Mean look. (check the pic, the wheels are SLIGHTLY out of the body).

it might not be noticeble to most people, but it is to me, my cousins, and friends.

i must say: my 2 favorite letters for the last couple of months were: H&R.

Thanks to:
- Redline motor works

and special thanks to my bro: Mike, for ordering the spacers.

Time for a photoshoot!!!

End of blog Entry...

Monday, 3 November 2008

the Devil holds a remote

Story happened few days ago.

My Young sis praciticed her favorite hobby: Spilling stuff.

she spilled some juice on the table, remote controller, and on the floor.

we tried to minimize the damage as much as we could, and we dried everyhing out.

few moments later, the remote started working on its own!!!!

and guess what?? the remote was pressing the number "6" frequently!

it kept changing channels between: 6, 66 and 666 :-

No other button would work, and we cant stop the 6 from being "pressed by Satan"

ok so this is silly, it's just some spilled juice that messed up the electrical circuit.

but if i were in a superstecious Family, we would've probably burnt the remote =)

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Enemies as partners

this also car material, but interesting and understandable to everyone =P

Sooooooooooooo all the news these days are about Big Mergers, aquisitions, joint ventures between Auto Giants...

im not very updated with these news as i look at the cars more than the corporations...

but it's really interesting, how can the biggest enemies, be partners,,,, business world is such a tough world that forces long-time Rivals to be friends (or let's keep it as partners)

- GM and Chrysler!!! what a shock, i've never seen a single car released from one of these 2 companies, that didnt have a competitor from the other, now there are some Rumors that they might work together.

- BMW and Mercedes: now this shocked me even more!!! Being a BMW fan, never thought that they would think of partnering with Mercedes!!!

When the Rumor was 1st out, everyone expected BMW to use Mercedes's big V12 engines, and Mercedes to use BMW's mini engines....
But the 1st sign was kinda different, BMW is gonna give Mercedes it's newly Devloped V12 to use (for which car? i dont know)

i must say that this time is business time, and you have to do what you need to do to survive.

bottom line: i still think each car will have its own charecter, even if it uses engine, base, transmission from another company...
That's why i care about the cars, not the corporations ;)

End of Blog entry

The beast Unleashed!!!! (cars freaks stuff)

Me and My bro went to Dubai last week for 2 reasons:
- Gitex (total dissapointment, wont talk about it)

- Upgrade my Bro's car into Stage 2, by T.A.M auto engineering (REVO dealers)

the T.bunny used to give around 12 psi in boost before the tune, now it gives around 22 psi!!!!


when he floores it, my head hits the headrest from the pull!!!

i like how he planned his project very well, he installed the downpipe and CAI first, then went straight to stage 2 (cool!)

car is getting better and better everyday...

Watch out for a candy white GTI on the streets!