Friday, 30 January 2009

Envy?? Hatered?? or some people just like being a**holes??

this happened around 3 weeks ago.

i parked my car in front of our house coming from work, and entered the house.

around 2 hours later, my bro comes rushing in asking:" Amarant!!!! What happened to your plate number???!!!!"

and I was: huh??? What?? :S

i went out, and this is what i saw:

Some A**hole took off my number plate, and threw it in front of the car!!!! WTH??!!!!!

now i wanted to believe that the number plate fell by itself, but i'm sure it didnt, for these reasons:
- Whenever I park my car, I ALWAYS check it, have a last look at it before walking away, and the number plate was there when i left it this time.

- The screws in the number plate were tilted, which shows that there was some force trying to take off the number plate, which tilted the screws during the process.

- There were few scratches and big holes in the front bumper, which resulted from the number plate being moved left and right, in order to take it off...

I tried hard to figure out what could be the reason for someone to do such thing,,,, but i really couldnt find out...

ma aqool ella: la illah ella allah, mohammad rasool allah, wa la 7awl wala qowwa ella be allah.

anyway, looking at the damage with my bro, we figured out what would be the next mod for Roxy ;)

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Saturday, 24 January 2009


I was tagged by Mr.French

1. List down 5 things people probably didn't know about you
2. Tag at least three people

hmmmm, ok those 5 things i'm going to mention are random, and they are just what i came up with just now.

- I was considering other cars before getting my baby bimmer (because i never thought my dad would buy it for me), and Roxy is my 4th car.

- I have faced A LOT of hard times in my life, but i always hide it under my funny charectar.

- My dad was my role model in life, but not anymore.

- I spent 7 years in the university instead of 5. i took so long for academic/health/laziness/carelessness reasons.

- I NEVER cheated in any test in school, but i did that 2 times in SQU: one in C++ programming course, and the other was in Oman history and civilization (EAT THAT Dr.Al Ghilani!!!) :P

i tag those (unless they have already been tagged):
- Faith
- Ayna
- G-chan
- Amjad

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

VW Drive to Seefah:

after the incident with the police early in the morning, we went to enjoy our time with the VW guys.

everyone was disappointed that Mike didnt bring his Turbo bunny, since everyone wanted to see the 1st Stage 2 GTI in Oman.

the Drive was really nice, the road was beautiful, and i tried to be creative with pics =p

the weather wasnt bad, but it was sooooooo sunny and no shade whatsoever, so we got some sun burns here n there =p.

had a photoshoot, then drove back home (passed by matrah on our way back).

end of blog entry.

Japingo CURSED!!!

This happened to me and my cuzns on our first day of Eid.

we picked Japingo to have dinner there, and it was really CROWDED.

we were waiting for our table(s) to be set,,,,

the employess were moving the tables and CRAAAAACK!!!!!! the glass on one table broke into shadders !!!
that was weird!!!

There were girls who came few minutes after us, and they were waiting for their tables to be set as well.
The employees were arranging their tables, and CRAAAAAACK!!! The glass on one table broke!!!! Exactly the same scenario!!!!

Us and the girls were sooooooooooo =/ and =O

The girls were seated at another table, thank god it didn’t break, and we were waiting.

The employees were arranging our tables and CRAAAAAAACK!!!!! The glass broke!!!!
WHAT ………………. THE ……………………. HELL !!!!!!!!!

3 times!!!! There must be some sort of curse here!!! We were all speechless!

After around an hour later, they were able to arrange 2 tables for us without breaking them.

It was an enjoyable dinner, even though everyone was scared the table might break any second xD

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Monday, 12 January 2009

New Generation 3-series (E90 replacement)

i knew this day was gonna come.

Here's BMW Strategy with intruducing new models:
Year 0: new model is introduced.
Year 4: the facelift Hits the market.
Year 7: replace the current model with a new one.

(during these 7 years, few slight changes accure)

The E90 was introduced in late 2005, and got its facelift this year (2009), Which means that it will be changed completely in late 2012.

But the spy shots are already hitting the web =(

is it possible that they want to change it in 2011, or even 2010 ?!!!!!

i was ok with the facelift, since the changes are minor, bas when the new models comes out, Roxy will feel soo old =(

let me just wait and see....

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Monday, 5 January 2009

Horrible start of a nice day:

me and Mike were on our way to meet the VW club guys for our Friday event.

somehow we saw 2 police ladies kinda stalking us, in their brand new Mercedes S-class...

they stopped us, asked my bro for his license + registration.

now i heard lots of people talking about how rude those ladies are, but never witnessed it myself.

GOD!!! they are worse than what i expected.

la 6areeqa wala i7teram, wala osloob.

she was asking my bro questions, and before he answers, she would ask another, and another, and another, in an offensive way. She also accused him of speeding and risking the life of others on the road. WTF?? the road was EMPTY and we were driving at a speed of 80 km/h !!!! (cuz we didnt want to catch up with them).

they left us in the police cars yard, the car was to stay the night there, and for what?? for having a black hood (cuz it causes threat to people's safety on the road)

what kind of system is this? and what kind of police force is this??!!!

we had to call our brother (who was in bed with bad flu) EARLY in the morning to come pick us up.

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a Credit must be Given

To Mr.Salim Al Wardi, Who was with the BMW Club in 3 Events, a great photographer...

i posted some of my pics during the Drive+dinner event in the last entry,,,, but here are some from his side, HDR Shots (the effect is kinda overdone,but they still look great)


Sunday, 4 January 2009

BMW Drive + Dinner


after a loooooooong wait, Oman Bimmers Club are having an event!

this time it's gonna be:
- meeting at al maha petrol station, next to The Wave
- Drive in the cost road
- Dinner near the beach, by the cost.

the event had a new face, the amazing photographer: Salim Al Wardi.

and we also had the participation of the super bikes team, was a nice add to the event.

i took few pics on my own, but not as pro as Mr.Salim.

here are few pics:

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