Sunday, 4 January 2009

BMW Drive + Dinner


after a loooooooong wait, Oman Bimmers Club are having an event!

this time it's gonna be:
- meeting at al maha petrol station, next to The Wave
- Drive in the cost road
- Dinner near the beach, by the cost.

the event had a new face, the amazing photographer: Salim Al Wardi.

and we also had the participation of the super bikes team, was a nice add to the event.

i took few pics on my own, but not as pro as Mr.Salim.

here are few pics:

End of Blog Entry...


G-chan said...

aaah nice!!!
Hope you had fun and show off-ed roxy =P

The shots are pretty awesome.
I like the shot at the top (if only it was bigger) =)
Also the motorcycles shot is great. I like it alot!
The shot with the front bumpers from the side is *heart*

Okay maybe I should've just said I like all the shots!! =P

Awesomeness! =D

Amarant said...

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks G-chan =D

i have problems with uploading pics on my blog, but will fix it and post pics b i7teram -__-

G-chan said...

ah here we go. It's fixed...
Your "End of Blog" sentence is in a funny place =P

Amarant said...

la 7awl wala qowwa ella bellah

ba'3ait ake7elha, 3amait-ha -__-

ok will edit it

Anonymous said...

Allaaah seems like you had a good time! nice shots! =D

"End of blog entry" loooool xD its kind of annoying k2nek ta36ee hal look -_-, =p

Amarant said...

Thanks Wolfeya =D

lol la that "End of blog entry" is just to clearify that there isnt anything else to read...

ma3raf i feel like doing it :P

and sometimes it's a -__- :P