Monday, 29 December 2008

Save Gaza

it's really horrible and sad. What happened in Ghaza 2 days ago.

i wish i can express my feelings in words, but i cant.

i have all those deep feelings of sarrow, seeing all these innocent people dead.

Allah be with them, and may he take revenge from the Evil.

Going to leave you with the design below (not by me), please spread it around.


FAITH said...

Ameen ya rab. :(

What hurts more is that we can't do nothing about it but to pray and hope for a better day to come...

G-chan said...

Allah Ma3ahum Inshallah :'(
Ma 3eesha hathee =(

Keep it up =)

Amarant said...

allah yel3an el yahood

Faith i agree, that's the worst feeling ...