Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Eid Mubarak =D

Damn im late!!!!

kil 3am oo el jamee3 b5air, Eid Mubarak to all =D

i've been speaking to many of my friends before Eid, and to most of them, it's boring or it's good as few days off xD

Eid spirit has dropped over the years, but im glad my family still keep the same tridtions from the old days, Eid is still the "Day of the year" to us =D

we spend the 1st day at our Grani house, and people visit us, then we have lunch.

at night it's Cuzn's night out, this is when 12+ of us gather and decide to have dinner at some place (which is difficult always, hard to find a table for 12 guys xD)

2nd day is picnic/BBQ day, we pick a place to have our lunch with our families, sometimes it's my Uncle's farm, and sometimes it's in a mountain/valley.

3rd Day is Nizwa Day!! or more likely, Shwa Day!!! we all LOVE the lunch made in Nizwa, that's the main reason to go there, we usually visit relatives, have lunch, go to the Suq, then head Back to Muscat.

That's our usuall Eid schedual, we've been doing the same thing for more than 15 yrs now =)

(BTW, the images displayed show: 3rd day, 2nd, and finally 1st xD)

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FAITH said...

Nice shots Amarant =D

Eid Mubarak - quite late though!

G-chan said...

I really liked the shots!!!
Very well taken =P

Better late than never eh?! =P

Amarant said...

lol yah better later than never =p

thanks Faith and G-chan ;)