Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Busy bee

so the last week of work before graduation was a REALLY busy week.

i got a call from the company's CEO on friday night, telling me that an urgent Project analysis must be done, like, NOW!!!

i didnt mind, these are the stuff that i can do since im still not married and not comitted to anything...

so i went to the office, at 9 pm, friday night, and started working....

i got a little bit tired, so went home, to complete the work,..

and imagine this, i slep on my laptop xD

i woke up at fajr, saw 2 miss calls from the CEO.

i sent him a msg with the updates, ate a light meal before athan el fajr (was gonna fast), had a shower, then went to the office to finish up my work ;)

the analysis was needed at 11 am, and alhamdulilah i finished it at 10 am ;)

at 5.30 pm, i was having my Iftar in the company's kitchen, and the CEO walks in, this convo took place:

- CEO: Amarant!!! where have you been? i've been searching for you all over the place!
- Me: im fasting, and maghrib athan will start in few mins.
- CEO: oh ok, i just wanted to come and say: Congratulations! (taps me in the back), you have done a world-class work yesterday and today!!! keep it up!
- Thank you Sir ;)

all that hard work n not sleeping well and taking time from my weekend, were worth those few recognition words ;)

end of blog entry ....


G-chan said...


Seriously that is such an awesome thing to hear!!!
Gives you a boost.

You should be promoted already *rolls eyes*

Mashallah! =D

Anonymous said...

Mashallah, Keep up the great efforts, it's all paying back to you ;).

FAITH said...

Keep it up! :)
Well done Amarant =)

Muggle said...

That must've been great to hear. It always feels so sweet to see your hard work paying off :D.
Good job!

Sariya Al-Ismaili said...

Awww, you feel proud of yourself eh? Keep it up ;)

Amarant said...

Thaaaaaaaaaaanks all for ur comments =D

it felt amazing

let's hope this thing continues, doesnt seem like it xD