Thursday, 13 November 2008

Last mod, need a break.

for the past couple of months, i've been pampring my baby bimmer: Roxy.

i spent quite a good amount on her and she went into some serious changes.

I think it's time for a break, no more modifications, i want to enjoy the car with this looks for a while, till the "Mod bug" stings again ;)

last mod i've done, were my H&R TRAK+ wheels spacers, those are designed to push the rear wheels a little bit outside the body, to give the car a Wide/Mean look. (check the pic, the wheels are SLIGHTLY out of the body).

it might not be noticeble to most people, but it is to me, my cousins, and friends.

i must say: my 2 favorite letters for the last couple of months were: H&R.

Thanks to:
- Redline motor works

and special thanks to my bro: Mike, for ordering the spacers.

Time for a photoshoot!!!

End of blog Entry...


G-chan said...


Will you ever add a vinyl to Roxy's body?!?!


Amjad said...

Waiting for the photoshoot. =)

Amarant said...

lol u mean Clear vinyl G-chan??? might do it :P

Amjad, i did the photoshoot and started a thread on sabla ;)

thanks both of u