Friday, 30 January 2009

Envy?? Hatered?? or some people just like being a**holes??

this happened around 3 weeks ago.

i parked my car in front of our house coming from work, and entered the house.

around 2 hours later, my bro comes rushing in asking:" Amarant!!!! What happened to your plate number???!!!!"

and I was: huh??? What?? :S

i went out, and this is what i saw:

Some A**hole took off my number plate, and threw it in front of the car!!!! WTH??!!!!!

now i wanted to believe that the number plate fell by itself, but i'm sure it didnt, for these reasons:
- Whenever I park my car, I ALWAYS check it, have a last look at it before walking away, and the number plate was there when i left it this time.

- The screws in the number plate were tilted, which shows that there was some force trying to take off the number plate, which tilted the screws during the process.

- There were few scratches and big holes in the front bumper, which resulted from the number plate being moved left and right, in order to take it off...

I tried hard to figure out what could be the reason for someone to do such thing,,,, but i really couldnt find out...

ma aqool ella: la illah ella allah, mohammad rasool allah, wa la 7awl wala qowwa ella be allah.

anyway, looking at the damage with my bro, we figured out what would be the next mod for Roxy ;)

End of blog entry


G-chan said...

Ya ellahy!!!
That's so sad!

Why would someone do such a thing? La wa b3d they left the plate number there. You'd think they'd steal it or something =S

But just like you said...this is just an excuse to modify Roxy ;) Even though this Mod could've come in a better way.

Are you going to try to find out who did this?

Anonymous said...

MAN, stuff like that makes me see RED. Happened to me in a different way. My car was parked in the garage at my apt. complex. I got stopped by the police for speeding on my way to work. The officer says: "Ma'am, where is your registration sticker?"

I said: "It's on the plate."

He goes 'round front to check my front plates, the sticker was there. My car was parked up against the wall (front end).

Come to find out someone used a tool to cut out the sticker on my military plates. GOD I was pissed. I let my landlord know. Found out in Saint Louis people will do this so they don't have to go pay for the sticker (renewing plates here is a pain in the ass). Anyway...I had to get new plates. Free of charge when I told the license bureau what happend. Bought this thick glass covering and screwed them on TIGHT on both my plates.

Man, I feel for you Amarant!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Woah =S, Why would someone do suck thing!! te8har il 7araka wallah, nas fa'9ya. My cousins cars were scratched all over about a couple of weeks ago, Thank God that I park my car inside the house garage!

Anonymous said...

*Such -_-

FAITH said...

It's a shame!!

Maybe they were bunch of kids playing xD?! I still can't understand why would someone do that!!

Amarant said...

G-chan: i dont think i will invistigate who did it cuz it's gonna be a headache, bas aqool: allah yehdeehum...

Marinanna: lol at least you know why people do that xD but yah, makes you go RED...

Wolfeya: yah these stuff happens in so many different ways...

Faith: had to imagine a kid trying SO HARD to take off the plate and throw it in front of the car xD

Bambi said...

This has been done by a brainless person... seriously .. how stupid can people get when they are jealous ..