Saturday, 24 January 2009


I was tagged by Mr.French

1. List down 5 things people probably didn't know about you
2. Tag at least three people

hmmmm, ok those 5 things i'm going to mention are random, and they are just what i came up with just now.

- I was considering other cars before getting my baby bimmer (because i never thought my dad would buy it for me), and Roxy is my 4th car.

- I have faced A LOT of hard times in my life, but i always hide it under my funny charectar.

- My dad was my role model in life, but not anymore.

- I spent 7 years in the university instead of 5. i took so long for academic/health/laziness/carelessness reasons.

- I NEVER cheated in any test in school, but i did that 2 times in SQU: one in C++ programming course, and the other was in Oman history and civilization (EAT THAT Dr.Al Ghilani!!!) :P

i tag those (unless they have already been tagged):
- Faith
- Ayna
- G-chan
- Amjad


Muggle said...

Whoa, 7? Mashallah 3laik, you must've had a lot of faith and determination ;D.

And ROFL at the last one. I think I've heard about that guy's lectures before :P.

Amarant said...
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Amarant said...

loool yup, 7!

i wont call it determination, but i learned many stuff the hard way muggle =p

and dont let me start talking about Dr. Y.Ghelani -__-

FAITH said...

Thanks for the tag =D