Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Japingo CURSED!!!

This happened to me and my cuzns on our first day of Eid.

we picked Japingo to have dinner there, and it was really CROWDED.

we were waiting for our table(s) to be set,,,,

the employess were moving the tables and CRAAAAACK!!!!!! the glass on one table broke into shadders !!!
that was weird!!!

There were girls who came few minutes after us, and they were waiting for their tables to be set as well.
The employees were arranging their tables, and CRAAAAAACK!!! The glass on one table broke!!!! Exactly the same scenario!!!!

Us and the girls were sooooooooooo =/ and =O

The girls were seated at another table, thank god it didn’t break, and we were waiting.

The employees were arranging our tables and CRAAAAAAACK!!!!! The glass broke!!!!
WHAT ………………. THE ……………………. HELL !!!!!!!!!

3 times!!!! There must be some sort of curse here!!! We were all speechless!

After around an hour later, they were able to arrange 2 tables for us without breaking them.

It was an enjoyable dinner, even though everyone was scared the table might break any second xD

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Anonymous said...

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Ayna said...

LOL :p I LOVE Japengo...

Amarant said...

shoof hathi el thanyah ba3ad!

im Lovin it as well (oh that's macdeez)

el muhim japingo makes good food, dont get me wrong =p

Bling said...

This also happened somewhere else? :rolleyes:

Amarant said...

lol Bling, i dont remember tables breaking in any other place, but enlighten us :P