Monday, 12 January 2009

New Generation 3-series (E90 replacement)

i knew this day was gonna come.

Here's BMW Strategy with intruducing new models:
Year 0: new model is introduced.
Year 4: the facelift Hits the market.
Year 7: replace the current model with a new one.

(during these 7 years, few slight changes accure)

The E90 was introduced in late 2005, and got its facelift this year (2009), Which means that it will be changed completely in late 2012.

But the spy shots are already hitting the web =(

is it possible that they want to change it in 2011, or even 2010 ?!!!!!

i was ok with the facelift, since the changes are minor, bas when the new models comes out, Roxy will feel soo old =(

let me just wait and see....

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