Monday, 5 January 2009

a Credit must be Given

To Mr.Salim Al Wardi, Who was with the BMW Club in 3 Events, a great photographer...

i posted some of my pics during the Drive+dinner event in the last entry,,,, but here are some from his side, HDR Shots (the effect is kinda overdone,but they still look great)



G-chan said...

oh woooooow!
Mashallah those are superb shots!!

Some of the shots look like shots from a game =D

Very nice.

P.S. I changed my blogs url! =D

P.S2. Keep updating =D

FAITH said...
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FAITH said...

He's really good mashallah. =D

Check his photostream in Flickr.

Amarant said...

thanks G-chan and Faith =)

G-chan i will check ur new URL ;)

Faith: Link??

FAITH said...

Here's the link: