Monday, 5 January 2009

Horrible start of a nice day:

me and Mike were on our way to meet the VW club guys for our Friday event.

somehow we saw 2 police ladies kinda stalking us, in their brand new Mercedes S-class...

they stopped us, asked my bro for his license + registration.

now i heard lots of people talking about how rude those ladies are, but never witnessed it myself.

GOD!!! they are worse than what i expected.

la 6areeqa wala i7teram, wala osloob.

she was asking my bro questions, and before he answers, she would ask another, and another, and another, in an offensive way. She also accused him of speeding and risking the life of others on the road. WTF?? the road was EMPTY and we were driving at a speed of 80 km/h !!!! (cuz we didnt want to catch up with them).

they left us in the police cars yard, the car was to stay the night there, and for what?? for having a black hood (cuz it causes threat to people's safety on the road)

what kind of system is this? and what kind of police force is this??!!!

we had to call our brother (who was in bed with bad flu) EARLY in the morning to come pick us up.

End of blog entry.


Bambi said...

Are you sure you were still in Oman? xD
mannn ! =S

G-chan said...

ooooh wow =S
That's so friggin crazy and rude =S

I feel bad for your bro who was sick!
Daaamn seriously!!

Though I hope you had a nice day in the end even if it did start out like that!! =)

FAITH said...

People are going nuts!! :S


Amarant said...

Bambi: yah im sure, cuz the lady was speaking pure omani accent :P

G-chan: yah was a bad experience,,,, but we did enjoy the rest of the day (will post an entry about the VW event) ;)

Faith: u have no idea -__-