Thursday, 11 February 2010

Restaurant review: Darcy's Kitchen

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Darcy’s kitchen is a unique type of restaurants. There are no other similar places in Oman. It has its own style and way. It is also a nice place to have breakfast. The atmosphere is cozy and the interior design makes you feel like you are in a house rather than a restaurant (specially the one in MQ). The waiters are friendly and they always serve with a smile. This is the favorite dining place for many foreigners, and sometimes you would be surprised to see it filled with them on a weekday afternoon.

Food served at Darcy’s varies from simple salads to burgers and specially-cooked steaks. They have a wide range of side dishes, soups and starters. Last time I ordered a chicken breast with some white sauce on it (forgot the name of the meal). My friend ordered his favorite “Beef Hanooni sandwich”. I honestly liked the beef hanooni more (and no, it’s not because the other side is always greener). Both meals cost around 7 rials, which isn’t bad for a place like darcy’s.

Jawharat Al Shatti, MQ (next to Al Fair).

Continental Food

Price Range:
3 – 4 Rials

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G-chan said...

I'm dying to go to this place and try it out! Sarz keeps telling me how amazing their Ceaser Salad is >.<

That's a huge sandwich O.O

Amarant said...

OMG you've been here for how long?? and you still didn't try it??

it's a MUST!

G-chan said...

lool hadiii =P
Been here for two months exactly, today.

So I tried it yesterday - ordered the Dossi Dosso (I think that's what it's called) and I loved how summery the sandwich is and juicy too! 3ajbatnee el 5al6a and the fries are thin and long they were so cute =P
But...yes there is a but; I wouldn't say it's my top three favorite places to eat :$

The place is AMAZING! I loved everything about it. We went to the MQ one and it was just alice in wonderland kind of place. At first I thought it was a house lol. Very home-ee! It's really cool how the have seating outside but we went during lunch and it was pretty hot yesterday!

But yeah! Not bad not bad =D