Sunday, 19 October 2008

Doing good at work? or keep your friends?

(names in Blog are changes to keep the privacy of the people involved)

- Me
- jack: CEO
- nick: My boss
- Ron: Vice president of operations
- Mike: CEO of financial services

the Drama happened in our company last week.

Nick is my boss, he taught me ALOT, had a big part in making me who i am now.
He went to the U.S to solve some family problems.

a Rumor was out saying he's not coming back, so i went to check with the CEO, Jack, and had this conversation:

- Me: sir when is Nick coming back?

- Jack: we will figure it out later, why asking?

- Me: cuz i need him.

- Jack: why need him?

- Me: cuz he's my teacher

- Jack: i can be your teacher.

- Jack: Amarant, i have been looking at your work and analysis, your doing a really good job, i dont think we need Nick anymore.

- Me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!! =O

- Me: Sir when we start to do big stuff, im gonna need him!

- Jack: Big stuff are just small stuff gathered, if you can handle small, you can handle big.

- Me: i still think we need Nick back

- Jack (pissed off): Do you know where i got my Finance degree?!

- Me: yes sir, Harvard

- Jack: you think i cant handle this?!

- Me: no i didnt say that.

- Jack: and your work is really good, so we can work this out, take Nick out of your mind.

(left his office)


Today: Ron came from Dubai, when he saw me he was really happy and said: "ohhhhhhhhh Amarant we heard alot about you, the company has given birth to an astonishing Financial Analyst!"

"Mike come meet Amarant, he's the one Jack was talking about, the future of the company's financial development!"

I did feel flattered, and it's good to be appreciated, by the top people of the company,


I used the knowledge i got from Nick, to be this good, and this made Jack thinks we dont need him anymore.

me being good at my job made me loose my boss, my teacher, my friend.

is feeling guilty a normal thing??


G-chan said...

Just say it:

Life's a *****


Amarant said...

it's a BITCH -__-

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure it's not your fault that your boss is not coming back =S..I think there is a hope of him coming back after he solves his family problems?

Hey, it's glad to know that you are doing really good in your job, 3 cheers for you! ;)

Amarant said...

i know it's not my fault

but cant help but to feel guilty

in the end my good performance = no need for him ...