Sunday, 19 October 2008

how far would you go ??

an incident happened to me During my last year in SQU

it was a nice monday afternoon, and had to study for my Multinational Finance test.

when the sun came down, i started feeling sick...

couldnt study, couldnt even hold a book.

i though of sleeping early, waking up early n go to study, but i couldnt sleep.

then i accepted reality, im sick, im gonna go to the health center tomorrow, get my meds, and will be excused from the test.

at around 5 am, i started feeling better (too late) =O

and i was getting more sleepy by the minute, and what does that mean?? It means im gonna wake up feeling good, and so i cant go to the health center feeling good, i would be a liar,

after gathering my thoughts, i got a way out! it was crazy, might not work, but i got nothing more to loose.

I HAVE TO STAY AWAKE! if i dont sleep for around 36 hrs, i would be dead in the morning, sick.

so my plan was put to action: i need caffaine!!! this was the list of things i had:
- 2 cans of power Gold drink
- 1 can of redbull drink
- 2 coffee mugs
- 1 cappucino mug

did it work??

HELL YAH IT DID ! kept me :- till 9 am, i felt like thw rold is spinning, my stomach is making hurricanes inside.

went to the health center, got my meds, went home and slept

and had a make-up exam the next week.

it was crazy, but it worked
(i dont think im gonna do it ever again)


G-chan said...


You're seriously crazy to drink all that stuff!

But hey, it worked ;)

Amarant said...

haha yah craziness works sometimes =p

sweetness said...

Gooooooosh .. so brave !

How could you drink all those stuff ?!

BTW : thank you for adding me in your list ;>

Anonymous said...

loooool I've faked that I was sick 1000 times to skip classes and exams in uni =p.& no I dont feeel guilty =D.

Amarant said...

lol well i needed a REAL excuse, was an important test and a simple "i was sick at home" excuse wouldnt work =p

sweetness anytime ...

FAITH said...

LooooL OMG!

You could've just went to the hospital at that time "Fajer".
Thank god it all went well at the end. xD