Sunday, 26 October 2008

Comedy at the office

this happened yesterday, October 26th, 2008 at the office, it was more like a comedy series scene xD

- Me
- Kaza: co-worker
- Marry: co-worker
- Alya: co-worker
- Fiona: new secretary just joined (that everybody hates lol)



we were gathering at Kaza's office, having some falafel sandwitches she brought from Birut restaurant (very yummy)

each one had his sandwitch, and Marry had an extra sandwitch not eaten.

Fiona walks in, and this convo happens:

- Fiona: heeeey guys, what are you having for lunch??

- Kaza: those are falafel sandwishes -__-

- Fiona: what's falafel??

- Kaza: ????? dunno what's it called in english. -__-

- Fiona: lemme see it,,,,,,,,,,,, oh that looks really nice, is the restaurant near by??

- Alya: nah it's kinda far, and traffic is too much.

- Fiona: ohhhh that's too bad, im really hungry and this looks nice (hint hint), then i guess im gonna have it tomorrow.

(everyone looks at each other)

- Marry: take this extra one, i dont need it.

- Fiona: naaaah i cant do that, it's your lunch.

- Kaza: no no take it, it's ok, Marry needs to loose weight anyway =p

- Fiona: nah it's ok i'll have something from subway.

- Kaza: nooooo take it take it, seriously it's ok, Marry had her 1st sandwich.

- Fiona: sure??

- Kaza+Marry+Alya: yaaaah sure, YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT!!! TAKE IT !!!

- Fiona: thaaanks guys i owe you wallah.

- Kaza+Marry+Alya: naaah it's nothing ^_^

(Fiona takes the sandwitch and leaves the room)

- Kaza: someone please kill Fiona!!!!

- Marry: yah seriously!!! I just cant stand her!!!

- Alya: thanks god! i thought she'd never leave!

- me: hahahaha wallah you guys are such hypocrites xD

lol i think i've seen this scene in "friends" or some other comedy show =p

End of blog entry....


G-chan said...


And what are you doing among women eeeh?!!? XD

Falafel Sandwitches mmmm!!

FAITH said...

Amarant, I died on the name Fiona xD.
Reminds me of Shrake, does she look really like Shrake's Fiona though? :p

Jumana said...

told ya girls are hmmm WEIRD

Amarant said...

loooooool there were other men at the office but they were silent :p

Faith she looks like Fiona before she turns into an Ogre (seriously)

Jumana all the girls hate her at the office =p

Lil Me said...

Girls will be girls =P