Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Deja Vu

inspired by C-chan's post...

this post includes:
- Deja Vu definition
- Deja Vu interpretations
- Deja Vu drama in our family



Deja Vu is a well-known phenomena and in a simple way, it's the feeling that you have seen something before when you really havent.



here are 2 interpretations of the phenomena:

- the Baby sees its whole life infront of it before it was born...

- there's a certain area in the brain that links past events to sight, so it tells you if you have seen this before.
sometimes that area miss-functions and tells you: you have seen this before, even though in Reality, you havent...



for some wierd reason, my father and uncles dont believe in Deja Vu. They say that we "think" it's there cuz we watch too much movies...

i was surprised cuz i thought everyone experiences it.

they would make fun of us, the young people, for believing it.

anyway once, they asked: oh what's that thing you always have? Deja Vu ??
my Cuzn replied: yah it's something you foget about when you are older than 40 years old!

haha they werent very happy with that xD

End of blog entry ...


G-chan said...

LOOOOL @ your cuz!!


Anonymous said...

ha ha
= )

Lil Me said...

Ahaha i just love it when youngsters challenge el kbaariya and win ;P

Another definition is that the eye see's the thing before the brain realises that you've just seen it, so by the time the signals from your eyes reach the interpretation area of your brain you feel that you've seen this thing beforehand where actually you've just seen it seconds earlier.

Hope you got it =P

FAITH said...

First of all, congraaats on the ew theme ;)

Well, I do believe in Deja Vu, and it's really freaky to think about a reson for it.
I heard of many weird and kinda stupid explanations, might write a blog about it v soon :p, it'll be entitled "Inspired by Amaran who was inspired by G-Chan" xD. Catchy name, 'eh?

Bambi said...

And you should write it "Déjà vu" :p lol

Amarant said...

Faith, 1st thing: what's so "EW" about the new theme?? -__-

(yah i know u meant new) =p

lil you: yah i understood what you meant, very interesting.

Bambi: me no have french keyboard

FAITH said...

LoL Amarant that was a typo, I meant "new" not "ew" !! xD