Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Financial Iftar

so finally i got to invite my Uni friends to have Iftar at our place.

- Number: 15 persons.
- timing: from 5.55 pm till 6.20 pm (yah some came after Athan).
- Location: Our basement.

- Iftar: dates, Laban, malt soup, luqaimat with kairi cheese, ma9anef.
- Dinner: Qabooli Chicken, Macaroni with bashamelle.

- Coffee and tea
- Juices
- Salad

the gathering ended at around 7.15 pm when the guys left to pray...

a memorable day, forst gathering with the guys since last month...


FAITH said...

Lucky you guys...I miss my uni friends real bad :(

Amarant said...

u should do it sometime ;)