Saturday, 13 September 2008

Weekly Update

Ok it's been a while since i posted here, let me see if there was anything interesting that happened in the past week.

- Cars: My bro installed AWE downpipe in his Turbo Bunny, sounds much meaner now, and the (naq3a) is louder, Thumbs up mike.

- Food: Ramadan with its many many meals, i had a nice chocolate cake for su7oor today.

- Work: was an "ok" week, finally did my presentation on wednesday, but the GM talked more than i did -_-

- Family: yesterday was a family gathering at home, was nice till an electric fuse "naqa3" and part of the house electricity went off.

- Life: my Gym subscribtion ended on 9/11, i tried to convince them i wasnt part of the attack on the WTC but they didnt believe me.

that's all Folks !


FAITH said...

Welcome back in blogs world, Amarant. What's wrong with "Naq3as" these days? :p

G-chan said...

Chocolate cake for so7ooor!! YUM!