Sunday, 14 September 2008

Kahlijis and thier "oil money"

A post in Muggle's blog inspired me to post this, funny comments and silly ones, about the Western perception of us khalijis and our "money"

check this out:

My bro in UK, Leeds: (he always makes fun of these perceptions)
- a British guy asked my bro: is it true that behind each khaliji house there's an oil well ???
my bro answered: not true, we have an oil well behind our house, but Sulaiman (his friend) has 2 wells, since they live in a mountain ...

- he tells them that he didnt buy a ferrari, but a GMC, cuz it consumes much petrol (some believed him)

Car Forums:
- a race between an Audi R8 and a corvette Z06: a member commented: "that's what arabs do when we pay our money for thier oil"

- a Qatari guy was complaining that BMW prices are very high these days, an american guy responded: "what's wrong?? oil isnt paying you??"

- I posted a pic of my car in my uncle house, a guy commented: "ok so we've seen the BMW, where do you hide your ferraris and Lambos?? cuz it's hard to believe that a guy living in this house owns a normal 320i"

- I posted a pic of my car, with a minor accident, a guy commented: "no need to fix it, just buy another one and send me this one as a gift"

Random western comment:
- "is it true that Islam approved multi-marriages cuz it want its people to spend thier money on wives, which is better than playing around with it??"


FAITH said...

LoL they cracked me up!
So how many oil wells you have behind your house? Tell the truth ;)!

Muggle said...

LOL @ the last one!

Anonymous said...

YO Money ;)

looool =p

Amarant said...

we have 1 well since we dont live in a mountain, but it's enough al7amdulilah =)

Bambi said...


They aren't all like that -.-