Sunday, 22 February 2009

Roxy Goes alllll Black & White

I know I know,

I know I said I'm going to have a small break from Modifying my Baby Roxy.

But I didn’t plan for this step, the circumstances (refer to this blog entry) gave me and my bro an idea of what we can do for Roxy next.

I'm going to follow a Black/White theme with Roxy.

So right now, Roxy has these colors on her: White, Black, Silver, Chrome and Red.

I decided to take the Silver and Chrome out (since I still want my taillights to look clean)

Here is what I wanted the Garage paint specialist to do for me:
- Fix & paint the front bumper (since it was damaged).
- Paint the Rims in Gloss black color.
- Paint the rear Spoiler in Gloss black.
- Paint the front kidney grill in Matt black.

It took the Garage around a week to finish up the job, and I LOVED it =D

Here are pics of Roxy AFTER the paint job:

End of Blog Entry...


G-chan said...

Very awesome modification!!!
Totally suits!
You know what would look awesome some black tribal/lightening/flame vinyls would go perfectly with this car. Not so big, very simple. Just on each side of Roxy, at the back or like flames as if coming out from tyers xD

check these out, they explain what I mean:

^_^ loool!!

Amarant said...

Thaaaaaaaaaaanks G-chan! min thoqish wallah! =D

Roxy is feeling shyyyyyyyyy and says thank you ^_^

lol about the vinyls, i think that's a little bit extreme, i need to think it through b4 i do it !

thanks for the idea ;)

sweetness said...


I always loved those lovely rims and they are BLACK now !


In general everything is awesome and FANAN mashallah ^_^

tethana feha

Amarant said...

yup sweetness, sorry to disappoint you, but Roxy is slowly taking off her "cute" charactar =P

it's a long debate between Silver and Black ;)