Saturday, 21 February 2009

BMW Nizwa Drive

ANOTHER car event!!!!

this event was to celebrate a whole year since oman bimmer club was launched.

we met next to Burj Al Sahwa.

left to Nizwa in 5 teams:
team 1: BMWs lead by Omran Al Muqbali
team 2: classic bikes
team 3: BMWs lead by Amarant Coral
team 4: Super bikes
Team 5: BMWs lead by (dont remember xD)

I really liked my team, consists of cars that i really like:
- My baby Roxy (alpine White)
- E82 135i (Crimson Red)
- E92 335i (Electric red)
- E46 M3 (pheonix yellow)
- 2 nicely modefied E39 540i (Dark Blue)
- 1 nicely modefied E36 325i (Dark Blue)


in this event, the number of cameras used exceeded the number of members xD

everyone was taking pictures, and the photography effort by our Captain and Mr.Salim Al Wardi were much more then any other event (including rolling shots, shots from the bridge, videos, etc)

we arrived at Nizwa, after stopping in Izki.

Nizwa members were so kind to invite us to have lunch in the Sabla in Wadi al Ain, Mandiiiiiiiiiii :P

after lunch, Uncle Saif had the honor to cut the cake,and we all ate .

we arranged ourselves, and head to Nizwa Suq, to take group pics there.

we left Nizwa at around 5 pm.

the drive was nice, and we couldnt stop chatting about everything! xD

Here are some pics from the Event (taken by Salim Al Wardi)

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G-chan said... awesomeness and hotness =P It seems like you guys had loads of fun. The cake looks cool...Oh and Roxy didn't have the black rims then....Yalla next shoot next shoot =)

We want more pics!!!

Anonymous said...

ya 7belek lel cars ya amarant..

Amarant said...

yup G-chan, this was the best event we ever had (IMO)

it had lots of driving, lots of talking, lots of pics, and lots of eating xD

yup that was in the pre-black era :P

will share more pics later ;)

Wolfeya u know me! cars is my obsession :P

Sam said...

Nice thing =D
I can't believe how mad you are about your BMW :|
Allah y5aleekum le ba3'9 =p