Saturday, 21 February 2009

Product Review: Nokia N95

so i have this idea of starting a series of reviews of products that i have tested, or even better, owned...

i wont waste time talking about all the features this phone has, just the general, simple ones which i used:

- 5 mpix camera.

- stereo speakers.

- 1 GB card included (i switched to 2).

- Wi-Fi.

- DVD Quality video recording.

now here's what i think of the phone:

B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T !!!!

- it's so practical, long lasting, easy to use, and pro phone.

- i had to format it once, because it had software problems.

- it fell from me around 4 times.

- it ate dust when i had it in my pocket while riding an ATV bike.

- i used the camera so many times in so many places, and it is a nice camera.

I have owned many phones, but this was the 1st to complete a full year with me (actually 18 months so far).
End of blog entry...


G-chan said...

Maaaaan.....I want this phone so bad! But I kept on hearing it's not for chicks, it's too thick, it's bla bla bla, etc. I heard the N85 is the ladies version of the N95?!


But that's good it lasted with you for 18 months after all that it's been through =P

<3 at the Camera's mpix and DVD Quality video recording!! This is definitely my type of mobile =D

Looking forward to your product reviews =D

Amarant said...

Thanks G-chan =D

believe i never expected this phone to last that long with me (and it might complete 2 yrs inshallah)

the N85 is really nice, maybe it's the ladies version xD

for me, i dont care about the size of my 1st phone,,,,,, but my 2nd phone should be small shway :P