Sunday, 15 February 2009

Graduation and the rehersals

Our Graduation took place last November.

So 6 months after we graduated from SQU, it's time for the graduation ceremony!!!!

now im sure anyone who has been to SQU, realize that it's more of a military place, the an academic place xD

there were all these rules on how to look in the ceremony, the timing, the rehersals (you wont be allowed to enter the ceremony if you havent done the rehersals)

the rehersal was nice, very informal, and we got a nice dinner meal after it was done (lucky us CCE guys, we were the 1st collage so we were the 1st to attack the food) =p


now time for the big deal, the ACTUAL GRADUATION.

i got there at around 3.30, took my pics.

was at the stage at around 4 (they told us we MUST be there at 4, or we would not enter)

**what disappointed me the most, is that i didnt give any of my relatives/friends tickets to come, since i didnt want them to stay for 4.5 hrs there, and later i found out that some visitors entered the place at around 6.15!!) that really pissed me off...**

other than that, it was an amazing day, meeting my friends, joking around, getting the certificate =D

time for me to stop being a consumption machine, and start producing ;)

wish everyone all the best with thier studies...

end of blog entry...


G-chan said...

Hey hey hey!! I know you've already graduated..but heck CONGRATULATIONS! =D I'm glad you enjoyed yourself at the ceremony, plus there's nothing better than meeting up with old friends dontchya think =)

All the best yaaaa!


Amarant said...

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks G =D

yah wallah meeting my friends was the biggest bonus,, i even started visiting them more after the ceremony ;)

G-chan said...

Nice nice! That's good!
Oh and it's awesome you guys got to "attack" the food first xD