Wednesday, 29 April 2009

THE new office


we've been hearing about this office for god knows how long.

Here are the Advantages and disadvantages of the new office:

- I GOT MY OWN OFFICE! with a nice desk, cupboard, and my OWN A/C.
- Better Location.
- Better view.
- It has the office feel (not working in a villa anymore)
- Moooooore cars parking.
- 1 floor less than the old office =P

- Less Rooms and less toilets (aham shay el toilets).
- The parking is not shaded.
- Smaller kitchen (no more birthday parties).
- It has the office feel (yes this is an advantage and a disadvantage).
- Still no wireless internet connection.
- No "afternoon-nap" room.

I will start bringing my camera to take pictures of cars crossing the red light xD


nosa said...

mabrook :D

waiting 4 the pix

Anonymous said...

what is an afternoon nap room? In Latin American countries they have siesta where they rest for a couple of hours and then come back to work. In the USA we really do not have this wish we DID though...would make us one of the less stressed out workers in the world instead of ranking up there are the most. Def. post pictures!

Amarant said...

allah ybarak feeki Nosa =D

Marianna: our afternoon nap room is actually a big office of one of the executives that rarely comes to the company, so we use it "sometimes" to rest after lunch =P

Anonymous said...

Mabrook Amarant, glad you have your own office now ;).