Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I Really don’t understand Mexicans.

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009: Officially the worst day I ever had at work (yet).

A day before, the CEO asked me for some numbers to be submitted, and I did my analysis, calculations, got him the numbers, and I also gave him the formula on how to get the numbers next time.
This was his reply: Great job Amarant! More than what I expected, and the numbers now explain the analysis ;)

His words lifted me up a little.

The next day (May 5th):
CEO calls me to his office, and gave me the longest, rudest lecture I have ever got during my working life!

It seems he was upset for some reason, because whatever he was saying, was not making sense at all (he does that when he’s upset).

- He mentioned the days that I didn’t stay late in the office (which are few), and forgot how many weekends/extra hours I have spent in the office.

- He used one example of me not doing my work, and forgot, that SINGLE analysis was not done because they forgot to bring me the data I had to work on (even though I told him it was not my mistake, laken la 7ayat lee man tunadi) he was not listening.

- He read an email I sent him 4 times asking me to find my mistake, and in that 3 pages email, my ONLY mistake is that I wrote “we should” instead of “should we”! WTH?? (Even though I got positive responses from the directors in Dubai).

I can’t really write all what he said, but here are 2 quotes from his lecture:

“If any employee gets laid off from this company, I want YOU to feel guilty, because you should!”

“Please, never again tell me that you were sick, because here’s something you should know, I DON’T CARE! I want work done whenever I want to!”

I don’t know if he did what he did to motivate me, but it was wrong, rude, inappropriate, and defiantly had the opposite effect. I couldn’t work for the next couple of hours as I was completely in a shock, felt so demotivated and not in a mood to work at all. The rest of my day was crappy because I was still affected by what happened and couldn’t take my mind off it.

Anyway, don’t want to bore you all with the details of that horrible day, but Alhamdulilah things were better later on.

End of Blog Entry.


Muggle said...

Aww that must've sucked :S.. I really hope it was just a one day thing where he was upset and let it all out.. not saying it's right though.
Don't let that get to you as we can obivously see from your posts that you're a dedicated man who strives to reach his goals :).

Pixie said...

I'm guessing the dude's mexican?

s a t i r said...

wow! that didn't sound good..

when a senior or ur boss is being rude.. u just feel murderous!
but good thing that doesn't happen often at ur office..n i hope it doesn't happen again..
i remember having a job experience, where my boss was very rude to me, and it wasn't a one-day thing! it continued till i finally quit..
b3dain i thought mexicans are nice!

Anonymous said...

damn =S he doesnt have the right to talk to you like that at all.Leaders bring the best out of the people they are in charge in, bs this man did completely the opposite. All I know is that you are very hard working and you are giving this job your all, I'm sure its all going to pay back really great.

Lift your chin up.

Amarant said...

Thanks all for the lifting up comments =)

al7amdulilah i know im doing my best, and this was proved in the lecture i gave a day after this happened (check my ARGUS lecture post).

i wish everyone all the best.

pixie: yah he's mexican.

satir: not all mexicans are nice :P

Wolfeya: thanks a lot, your words meant a lot =)

sweetness said...

Me back to blogging ^_^