Sunday, 31 May 2009

My 1st lecture!

I gave my 1st lecture :D

Date: May 6th, 10 am
students: CEO, COO, Marketing manager.
Subject: Simple interest, compound interest, and their calculations.

the lecture lasted for around 45 mins, and included:
- introduction to interest: definition and history.
- simple interest: definition and calculations.
- compound interest: definition and calculations.

I was nervous at the beginning, you know when you feel like: "SHITT! I cant remember all the slides! the presentation is not set well! is my zipper open??!! (oh wait im wearing a dishdasha)

but as soon as i started talking, everything was going as planned ;)

the above post is not that interesting, what was important to me is the feedback i got from the students :P

since it's I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E for the CEO to compliment me in my face, he just said: well done Amarant, good lecture"

BUT (and it's A BIG HUGE BUT, kinda like the kung fu panda butt)


our marketing manager came to me after the lecture and told me what the CEO told her after the lecture, and here it is:

" I was surprised, the lecture was really good and Amarant went way above my expectations. He is smart (mashallah) and he knows what he's doing, I cant wait for his next lecture"

it was a nice start of the coming weekend =D

end of blog entry.


Anonymous said...

A7laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;), manroooooooom Amaraaant. Congratulations!! told you it all pays back REEEALLY good.Keeep it up! ;)

Amarant said...

yaaaaaah started to feel like a NERD, never liked teaching -__-

Thanks Wolfeya =D

sweetness said...

WoW =D

For me , teaching sounds like am over my age =P .. Never Liked teaching and never will like it =S

Sam said...

Nice,, nice mashallah =)
Keeep it up =D!

FAITH said...

Way to go Amarant!

Bel tawfeeq inshallah (y)

Amarant said...

Thanks all :D