Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Revolution of Libya

Following Tunisia and Egypt, Libya became the 3rd North African country to start a revolution this year.

Gaddafi has been their ruler for 40 years. 40 years of depression that is.

on February 17th, the Libyan people started their revolution (it started a day earlier in Benghazi, the 2nd largest town in Libya)

As I expected, this revolution is going to be tougher than Tunisia's and Egypt's. That's because of a simple reason: Gaddafi doesn't give a shit about his people, and he wouldn't mind killing every single one of them in order to stay the ruler. Probably every single member here knows how crazy Gaddafi is.

A low move by the dictator was hiring mercenaries from other African countries to kill the protesters!

Another problem with the Libyan revolution: there is not enough media coverage. All the news agencies have been kept away and prohibited from covering the revolution. In the 1st few days, the only sure news were the ones made by direct phone calls and facebook/twitter updates by individuals.

The revolution is in its 20th day and the number of martyrs is estimated at 8,000+

Here are some interesting videos:

Videos worth watching (either interesting or hilarious)

Libya uprising:

Saif Al Islam speech:

Gaddafi's "umbrella" speech:

And a remix

heated conversation between Kreshan from Aljazeera and the undersecretary of foreign affairs:

CNN's "Daffy Gaddafi" video:

I pray for Libyans to get their freedom, and may Allah have mercy on the martyrs.

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