Sunday, 11 April 2010


I was tagged by Faith and G-chan

*BIG Deja Vu moment*

ok so here are 7 facts about me:

1- I was the super quite student till 8th grade, when I became somehow a troublemaker, and reached my peak on the 11th grade.

2- I never believed in Blackberry devices till I got one (I got it for work purposes)

3- I was very close to get a new 135i a year ago but backed off in the last minute.

4- I love stationary. Like REALLY love stationary.

5- Sometimes (well, most of the time) I become like the character "Monk" from the TV series. I like to see things very well-organized. (sometimes I see a pen opened on my friend's desk and can't stop myself from putting the cover back on).

6- I have a SERIOUS forgetting problem.

7- I switched between 3 jobs in 18 months.

now I tag (Damn everyone is tagged already):
- Amjad
- Muggle
- Lil me
- Toxic

End of blog entry ...


FAITH said...

I liked the 5th fact the most. Monk rulesss!

As for fact #5 I don't think so!!!

Musab said...

Lol it's funny that I never noticed #5 till my friends told me =P

and you mean you don't think #5 is true?? or #6??

FAITH said...

I meant fact Number 6. Mashallah your memory is quite good! "allahum la 7asad" :D

Musab said...

Oh no believe me it is true. just ask my mom =P

like my doctor said: i have bad memory in the "tasks" setion but not in the "facts" section =P