Saturday, 20 March 2010

I'm 26

Happy 26 !!! (Warning: post is long and can get boring)


I have completed 26 years of my life. I am officially closer to 30 than I am to 20 ! (oh wait, that happened last year).

Anyway I thought my last birthday was so special. It was my silver jubilee, I got nice presents, a party at my office, etc ...

to be honest, I didn't make plans for this birthday, I even remembered only 1 week earlier only because my cousin reminded me. However, this birthday was the most special birthday I ever had. That's why I felt it deserves a nice story-like post in my blog.

11.15 pm: 45 minutes before my birthday, I was tired and was on my bed BBM-ing. like every tiring day, I sleep without noticing.

11.35 pm: I was awaken by My BB classic ringing tone. "Taz. Mustang GT" was displayed on the phone. (I tend to write nicknames for family/friends and in the "company" field, I would insert their car name). and here is how the call went:
me: "Aloooooo" (my typical phone answer for close people)Taz: "assalamu alaikum. Esh inta nayem?!!!!" with a surprising, loud tone he asked. me: "laaaaa wallah ma nayem"
Taz: "Inzain qoom oo inzel ta7t, ana qiddam el bait"
me: "really? ma sama3t 9ot sayyartak"
VROOOOM VROOOOOM *08 Mustang with Bassani Mufflers sound*
Taz: "Sama3t taw???"
me: "yaaaaa ya, taw gai"

I went down in my jalabiyya, shook Taz's hand, he congratulated me and gave me my birthday card/present.

"inside the card are the names of everyone who participated in this, even 7udhaifa did! I'm just the messenger"

"Thanks. it looks really nice. I like the color" looking at the Timberland watch they got me.
I went back to my bed, took a photo of the watch and shared it in the family's BB group. I thanked everyone who participated.

11.45 pm: a call from my colleague.
colleague:"kil 3am wenta b5aaaaaaaaaaair!!! a3raf you only expect calls after midnight bas ta3ban oo feeni noom"
me: "haha la 3adi 7atta ma lazem phone call. wenta b5air oo 3uqbalak"

I was getting REALLY tired and honestly felt like sleeping and keeping my phone on silent. thank god my bros/sister were chatting with me about Blackberries/cars so that took the sleep away.

12.00 am: My brother hands me a bag that has 3 presents: Porsche design cologne, Diesel Watch and a nice Arabic oud. I knew that was my sister's idea since girls are the ones making a big deal out of birthdays. I thanked them all and quickly put my phone on silent.

5.15 am: I wake up for 9alat al Fajr. After the prayers, I check both my phones and find several BBMs, SMS, emails all between 12.10 am and 12.30 am congratulating me on my birthday. Seems like people think that if you are more than half an hour late, then it's better to send in the morning :P

I went to work wearing the watch my cousins got me. it was a normal day except couple of calls congratulating me.

12.00 pm My ex-colleague calls:
him: "7ayyaaaaaaaaaaak Amarant. kil 3am wenta b5aaair!"
me: "wenta b5aaaaaaair oo 3uqbalak! oops sorry forgot you are 32 already xD"
him: "hewa ya5i shayyabna. Inzain aqool, tara ana ma gebtlak hadiyya, bas since you have a new office, I will take you to pick stationary!"
as funny as it sounded, it was a nice idea.
we went to Al Fikr and started picking stuff. both of us completely forgot it's my birthday and just tried to pick the useful, not fancy, stuff. post-it notes, paper clips, tape, pins, pens stand and a blueberry sanitizer (that was from sultan center though).

1.00 pm: went with couple of friends to RBG grill for lunch. I ordered the lamb shack and my friends ordered burgers. The food there was good!

After lunch my friends gave me the presents: Porsche Design cologne (ANOTHER one! :P), swiss knife, Lens cover, candy and one of my friends got me a certificate saying "Employee of the year" xD I liked how random the presents were ;)

2.00 pm: My friend calls me asking where I am. I told her that I am in RBG and she said she'll be there in 2 minutes. She shows up in a 2010 E90 323i. Don't get excited because that wasn't my present. She got me a test drive for the whole day! =D
This is a perfect example of a gift that is not expensive but very thoughtful. that was probably the best gift I got! I loved the 323i driving. (I didn't even know they bring 323i here in Oman)

5.00 pm: My aunt sends an SMS to all the family inviting us for a BBQ dinner. It's not my birthday dinner but it was nice to have it on the same day.

8.00 pm: After enjoying the 323i driving, I returned it to the dealer and went to my aunt's house. Everyone there congratulated me and almost 90% of the family were asking "ha kaif? mata el zawag?? you are 26 now!" -__-

Nothing special happened after that. The next day I got 2 cakes from Baskin Robin's and the whole family tried them after lunch ;)

Thanks to all who participated in my birthday. It was different and special in many ways. Definitely my best Birthday so far *thumbs up*

End of Blog Entry. . .


FAITH said...


I enjoyed reading this post so much that I started to believe it was my birthday. I liked the test-drive idea…so creative!

And gosh! Where they got the lens cover from! I’ve been looking for one for more than two months now…in 3 different countries lol as shocking as this might sound but it’s true. Please ask them where they got it from…and am SERIOUS -_-

Amarant said...

Thanks Faith! =D

They got the camera lens cover from Canon dealer in Al Arimi. The guy there told them he has no lens cover but will call them when he gets some. they got a call and picked it up ;)

G-chan said...

3amarant! Kul 3am wa ant be alf 5air! 3o2bal meet sanee insha'Allah and may all you wish for come true! ^-^

Your birthday sounds really nice. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

**Just cos one gets older doesn't mean they have to marry =-= .... 8P
One thing at a time eh?! lol

Lil Me said...

Happy 26th Coyotooo!

I know am late.. you can put the blame on me *refer to Akon's song pweez*

Happy to read that you've enjoyed it =)

3o2baal ma ted7ak bala snaaaaan weeeee


Musab said...

lool @ both of you.

Thanks oo 3uqbal ma both of you get to 26 :P

G-Chan: yes! thank you! one thin g at a time!

pinkiya: I don't really listen to Akon but I know that song :P