Monday, 30 August 2010

Masjid's reviews

Masjids I prayed Taraweeh in

Almost three weeks passed since Ramadan started. Wow, feels like everything is passing by so fast.

Here are couple of Masjids (Mosques) I've been to so far this Ramadan and my opinions about them.

1. Assalam Mosque, Al Khwair 33:

- Small mosque
- Closest mosque to my house.
- Women's Praying area: Don't know
- The recitation wasn't that good.
- Time to finish taraweeh prayers: Average
- Heat/atmosphere: Normal
- Parking: crowded

2. Al Rawahi Mosque, Shatti Al Qurm:

- Small mosque.
- Women's praying area: none
- Good recitation.
- Time to finish taraweeh: slightly short.
- Heat/atmosphere: It was kinda hot.
- Parking: crowded

3. Al Salmi mosque, Al Khwair:

- Small-Medium mosque.
- Women's praying area: available but small.
- Very crowded.
- Recitation is ok.
- Time to finish taraweeh: long
- Heat/atmosphere: normal
- Parking: Crowded


4. Fatima Al Zahraa, Hayy Al Rahba, MSQ: (My recommendation)

- Big mosque
- Women's praying area: available, very good.

- EXCELLENT recitation (Al Sulaimani is amazing. The other Imam who prays on weekends is also good)

- Time to finish taraweeh: short-medium

- Heat/atmosphere: Excellent. good, cold tempreture and quite atmosphere.

- Parking: plenty available.


5. Al Muhallab Mosque, Ilam city:

- Big Mosque.
- Women's praying area: none
- Recitation: good
- Time to finish taraweeh: short
- Heat/atmosphere: great
- Parking: plenty.
- Note: Al Muhallab starts Ishaa prayers early and it's short So you would need to be at least 5 minutes earlier than other mosques.

6. The small mosque near Pizza Hut MSQ:

- very small mosque
- Women's praying area: don't know
- Recitation: really bad
- Time to finish taraweeh: short
- Heat/atmosphere: tempreture is good but the mosque needs more care.
- Parking: almost none. You need to park in Al Fair or Pizza Hut parking.

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Toxic_Honey said...

Amazing reviews <3

am sure it will help many to decided which one to go to, since its a perfect review

way to go bro, keep them coming

FAITH said...

Quite a fab idea to share reviews on Mosques. I have been to Fatma Al Zahra outa your list.

Thanks Amarant 3la al amazing entry *thumbs up*

Spot said...

Great job amarant! Thanks for the reviews.
it's a very good idea to review mosques =)
Thanks again.

Amarant said...

You're welcome all.

الحاجة أم الاختراع

I ask myself the same question every year. So it's good to let people know.

Suburban said...

I LOVE this idea, Mosques SHOULD be reviewed, and critiqued! Brilliant post. You could make this a regular feature!