Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Roxy (L)

Exactly a year ago (or the 1st day of Eid Al Fitr last year) I gave my baby a nice welcome back photoshoot.

She's looking fab.

I love her so much <3

End of blog entry.


FAITH said...

And am sure she loves you back :D
3ashat Roxy!

Giselle said...

Walak betjanen!! *Masha'Allah*
I'm still trying to spot her on the roads though, which should be easy cos she's probably a one of a kind.

You painted the roof black?
Roxy looks awesome!

In the second shot, Roxy looks like a hatchback, hehe <3

Now, number 4 is just a fantastic shot!!

Amarant said...

thnks for the comments =D

3ashet ayyamish Faith.

and zaytoona: lazem tkoon hatchback??

Giselle said...

Don't worry it's just the angle the shot was taken in. Wo Malhum el hatchbacks?!


Amarant said...

hahaha ma feehum shay el hatchbacks, I love em <3