Tuesday, 1 June 2010


What happened (and still happening) to the Freedom flotilla is beyond my words to describe.

It just keeps getting worse and worse everyday. It's like Israel keeps trying to do inhuman actions and tests how far it can go without being stopped.

It can't get any worse than this can it? A ship that is filled with food, medications and learning materials gets attacked by Israel Military. Cowards.

I pray to Allah that this terrorist country get what it deserves. Yes. They are the terrorists, not people who are trying to defend themselves.

An Omani journalist was on board and alhamdulilah the news back is that he is fine.

I admire the courage of the Turks and all the people who participated in this noble action.

Let us all pray for all of the Martyrs to reach the highest levels in heaven and for the rest to be back home safe.

End of Blog post.


Anonymous said...

well, it something bad and awful. And ameen to your prayers

FAITH said...

May the victims of the barbaric Israeli attacks rest in peace.

Spot said...

This was nothing new. I expected these barbaric crimes of Israel.

May the victims souls rest in peace. Amen

Natalie said...

I usually stay away from political comments, but I have to say, as an American, that most of us are appalled by the behavior of Israel and wonder, when will the entire world say to them "ENOUGH!" ? Not to the Jewish people, I would like to emphasise, but to the leadership in Israel. I hope it happens soon...I think it shall, considering that Israel seems determined to push the boundries again and again like a horribly spoilt child until finally someone tells them no.