Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A new member in the next generation

This is kinda a late post but oh well.

Alhamdulillah my brother was blessed with a new baby boy. I am officially an Uncle ! =D

Sheikh Sultan bin Saif Al Kindi is around 3 months old now. He is the 1st Kindi boy in the new generation in our extended family ;)

It's an amazing feeling being an uncle. It's really hard not to spoil Sultan when he has 4 uncles all above 20. Other than being the 1st nephew, he came after a period of 14 years of not having babies in our house. We are still trying our best to raise him well to be a great and tough man =)

Here are some photos of him
(his mom was pissed because we shaved his head without informing her xD)


Natalie said...

He is absolutely beautiful and you are lucky to be alive after participating in the head shaving -if his mom had been your sister you WOULD have died a harrible death. Pleased you are still with us, of course. :) Enjoy that darling little guy!

FAITH said...

Mashallah he's super cute!
I know how great the feeling is to become an uncle, so enjoy it.

Allah ye5aleh lkum inshallah. =)

Dana said...

mashallahh he's SO CUTE <333333
i love the last pictures, yallabi :D

Amarant said...

Thanks all =D

Natalie: we let my bro suffer the consequences =P

Faith: you never became an uncle! you are an aunt. that's different =P