Thursday, 24 June 2010

And that's how I resigned

A 6 months-old post.

Following the shut down of the 1st company I used to work for, I accepted a job offer in a company that works in the same exact field (which is why they needed me). The Managing Director promised us that this company has bright future and that the team is one of the best in the country bla bla bla. Since the company was new and established few weeks before I join, they were still finalizing the budgeting and offer letters. I got a very basic salary and accepted it after the Director told me that he will get me a much better salary later on.

I got a better position in this new company and that gave me comfort in my future even though the work load was humongous and I took big responsibilities.

Slowly I started feeling That I'm doing my job + 3 other jobs at the same time! I don't mind working hard but I don't like doing work that is not mine. My direct boss was also getting all the credit for what I do while I get all the blame for his mistakes.

After 2 months of working (well, when I got my monthyl check to be precise) I noticed that My salary stayed the same. I, then, realized that this is going to drag and started doubting that the management will raise my salary so I decided to pay a visit to the Director's office. I entered the office and went straight to the point. He surprised me by telling me that he is not planning to give me a salary that is higher than my previous job's salary! It didn't make sense to me as I was handling bigger and more responsibilities than my previous job. "I'm not in the business of making friends" is what he told me. "It's not about making friends, but about being fair" was my reply. After a long discussion I was honest with him and told him that I need to evaluate my options in the job market.

The next day the director called me to his office and told me that he checked my salary and that he recognized that I should be paid more. That was a good sign but I needed to see the raise myself before pulling my hopes up.

I was called to the Chairman's office and he informed me that i will be getting 54% increment in my salary + a car for me to use. I knew this wasn't just talk since this guy respects me a lot because he worked with my family before.

I got my new car keys and soon after that I received my revised paycheck.

Was i satisfied? Absolutely not. I suddenly realized that the car and increment cannot buy me comfort. What's the point of all that if I'm still going to be facing the same drama I had before?

A week later I submitted my resignation letter with 10 days notice period. Even though the director didn't seem like he minded it. He asked the chairman to talk me out of it. I got the congratulations and best wishes from my colleagues and left =)

I started my new job around 4 weeks after I resigned. 3rd job in less than 2 years won't look that good on my CV but that's life :P

And that was my "breakout" story.

End of Blog entry...


FAITH said...

Wow! Quite a story!
Hope you're happy in your current job. Good luck

Natalie said...

Good for you! I think you made a wise choice, and I'l bet it felt reeeeeally good. :)