Saturday, 7 March 2009

Eat, Sleep and Jeep

lol i see that quote written on many Jeeps.

So here it goes:

My 2 cousins bought 2 wrangles last week, and everyone is so excited about that cuz now we have off-road cars on call whenever we need them :P

so last Thursday their Jeeps were put to the test for the 1st time.

and the result was amaaazing, it's really nice to see how easy those 2 Jeeps climb up the sand dunes, like it's a walk in the park.


the Sahara Edition also has nice features inside, navigation/DVD screen, USB reader, AUX port, and a 20GB hard disk to put songs in.

and the soft top is a nice feature as well ;)

Mabroooooookeeeen Cousins, allah ya36eekum el 5air oo yekfeekum el sharr =D

here are some pics i took:

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G-chan said...

Oh nice!!
Mabrook to your cuz's!! ^_^

Hey Amarant...those shots ROOOOCK!
You're getting really good at this oy!

<3 at the shots...looks 7amas b3d!

a7MeDiNo said...

Nice to see them buying Jeeps .. but did my brother's Jeep influence his bro in law to buy one? :p

Amarant said...

allah ybarak feesh G-chan =D

and thanks, im trying to get better at taking shots =)

A7med actually it was Al7arith who ordered the Jeep 1st, then 3a9em followed,,, but i know your beo had something to do with it cuz 3a9em has been talking about the jeep since the malka :P

Amarant said...