Sunday, 29 March 2009

we got Tiesto-ed !

i've been trying to attend a concert by a great DJ for a long time, but there's always something that stops me: work, short-notice, or special family occassions...

this time i did it!

i tagged along with Mike and his friends to attend Tiesto's Concert in Dubai, March 13th, 2009 =D

- left in the morning, arrived at around 1 PM, we went for a cruise till the hotel check in finishes.

- we had our nap (we needed it to attend a 6 hrs concert =P)

- lunch at Emarates mall, and then we went straight to Festival city, where the concert it.

- we arrived early, and got there beform the warm up starts (by DJ fredlux).

- I cant remember when was the last time i enjoyed my time THAT much!!! the music was amazing, the beats were great, and Tiesto didnt even start!

- at 12 am, Tiesto entered the stage!! wohooooo people couldnt stop screaming his name and dancing at the same time xD

- The opening song was by Rank 1, which we all LOVED (mike downloaded it later).

- my favorite during the concert were: Dance 4 life, Traffic, Elements of life, he's a pirate, and off course Just Be (where all the crowd started singing with it) =D

- one-hell of an experience!!!

- Concert ended at 3.30, we had dinner at BK, went to the hotel, and slept at 4.30 am.

- i woke up at 7, got ready, picked my family and went straight to muscat, Work -__-

End of blog entry...


G-chan said...

>.< That's so awesome!!

I want to go to a Tiesto Concert! =(

Oy! What about Children?!?! =P

Glad you had a blast =)

Amarant said...

lol omg! i didnt mention Children?!!!!!

that was the SURPRISE of the concert, a remix of one of the best trance songs ever ;D

G-chan said...


Never forget it again! It's like the best song out there