Monday, 16 March 2009

My Silver Jubilee

This post is kind of late :P

I completed 25 years of my life last tuesday (wow i feel old), and it was a really nice experience.

here how it went:

- 2 days before my actual birthday, i started getting birthday wishes from some of my friends(thank you facebook -__-).

- on the night before my birthday, ppl were giving me wishes throughout facebook, MSN, and a thread was opened on ES (thanks MissKindy!) :D

- some of my friends called me at EXACTLY at 12 am (that's so sweet, they didnt sleep till they wished me a happy birthday) =D

- got few texts from my friends/cousins.

- I had a nice lunch with one of my friends (which wasnt about my birthday but he just got lucky xD)

- after lunch, i went back to work, and found out that the employees organized a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!! :O
that was shocking, everyone was there, even the CEO.
and the cake was SO YUMMY (Thanks Maryam).

- I left work, went home, and there i had another birthday cake made by my friend.
I shared the cake with my brothers and cousins, and it was REALLY REALLY great (Thanks kaza) =D

- i had dinner with my brothers and cousins in b+f in Bareeq Al Shatti.
and my bro told them it was my birthday, so the staff brought some chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream, and sang "happy birthday" for me, GOD it was embaressing as everyone was looking at me -__-.

- i had a nice BOSS wallet and key chain from my Friend =D

and that's it, went to sleep early as i was going to Sohar the next day.

- my parents wished me a happy birthday 4 days later -__-

here are some "cropped" pics from the party at work :P

end of blog entry...


G-chan said...

Ah nice!
You deserve it!!!
Hope you had a blast!


*gives Amarant a box full of home made ma3mool*

Muggle said...

WOW, dal3ook ha :P? Hope you had fun!

And LOL @ your parents remembering 4 days later :P.

FAITH said...

Happy Be-leated Birthday ^_^

The cake looks so YUMMY ='(

Amarant said...

thanks G-chan! =D

lol it's the 1st time i have such birthday muggle, guess it's becuz im 25 :P

Faith it even tasted better than its look!

thanks all =)

Sam said...

Many more to come inshallah =)
Hope u had a great b-day =)

nosa said...

oohh happy belated bithday!
im so glad some1 is older then me! llol i always feel so old coz im always the eldest! accpt at work im the youngest! hehe

that was a nice day! full of food! hahaha

kel 3am wenta eb5air

Amarant said...

Thanks Sam and nosa =D

Nosa it's the same with me, with my friends and cuzns, im always the eldest, but in work im the youngest xD

3uqbal ma you get 25 ;)

Anonymous said...

GOD I wish I was 25. Congrats!!!!!

s a t i r said...

happy birthday.. although am sure it's a couple of months too old..
seems like u had fun.. makes me feel even worse about my birthday -if possible- and yeah am jealous :P